The Biology Intensive Orientation Experience, or BIOME, is a five-day, residential, intensive academic program designed to increase academic success for students majoring in the Biological Sciences. The program is a living-learning environment, which promotes strong academic rigor and integration into college life before and during the student’s first semester.

Program Dates: August 10-14, 2019
Program Fee: $250

What Are the Benefits of Participating in BIOME?

  • Participants get a jumpstart on Biology and Chemistry content.
  • Participants attend lectures from faculty who teach first year science courses.
  • Participants take actual exams with after-exam reviews to enhance testing skills.
  • Participants have higher first-semester GPAs on average than non-participants.
  • Participants learn strategies, such as time management, note taking and study skills.
  • Participants network with biology and chemistry faculty.
  • Most participants are also part of the FIG program, which continues the living-learning experience through their first semester, co-enrolling students in similar classes. Some participants in the orientation program before fall classes opt out of being a part of the semester-long FIG program, which means they don’t get the benefits of co-enrollment in fall classes. They still enjoy the benefits of an earlier start to the college transition, though.
  • When moving in early for BIOME, students move into their permanent room for the year. Students who opt for the BIOME FIG will live in Gateway Hall.

The average cumulative GPAs for BIOME students have remained higher than Biology majors who did not participate in BIOME as incoming first-year students.

Our thanks to the organizations that help make BIOME possible: