The Biology Intensive Orientation Experience, or BIOME, is a six-day, residential, intensive academic program designed to increase academic success for students majoring in the Biological Sciences. The program is a living-learning environment, which promotes strong academic rigor and integration into college life before and during the student’s first semester.

Program Dates: August 12-17, 2018
Program Fee: $225

What Are the Benefits of Participating in BIOME?

  • Participants get a jumpstart on Biology and Chemistry content.
  • Participants attend lectures from faculty who teach first year science courses.
  • Participants take actual exams with after-exam reviews to enhance testing skills.
  • Participants have higher first-semester GPAs on average than non-participants.
  • Participants learn strategies, such as time management, note taking and study skills.
  • Participants network with biology and chemistry faculty.
  • Participants are a part of the FIG program, which continues the living-learning experience through their first semester co-enrolling students in similar classes.

Our thanks to the organizations that help make BIOME possible: