Do I have to be a Biology Major to participate in BIOME?

Yes! Majoring in Biology is a prerequisite to participate in BIOME.

How do I sign up for BIOME on R.O.A.R.?

You will need to log into the ROAR Web site to select your housing assignment. Since students accepted into the BIOME program are guaranteed a room in Gateway Hall, you should click the “Assign me later” option. At a later date, you will be notified of your room number.

Do I have to live in the Residence Hall to participate in BIOME?

Yes! BIOME is also part of the FIG program, so all students are required to live in the residence hall assigned to their specific BIOME FIG (Gateway for BIOME A and B).

When will I be able to move into my room?

BIOME move-in is on Sunday, August 13, 2017. All other FIGS will move in on August 15.

Do I move into my permanent room?

Yes! During BIOME move-in, students will be occupying their permanent housing assignments.

Can I participate in BIOME and rush a sorority?

Unfortunately, no. Sorority events conflict with BIOME lectures and activities. Students can join a sorority during their sophomore year.

Can I participate in BIOME and Marching Mizzou?

Possibly, with permission from the Director of Marching Mizzou. We have excused students from evening BIOME activities in order to participate in Marching Mizzou’s evening practices, and Marching Mizzou has excused BIOME students from morning practice time in order to participate in BIOME.

How much does BIOME cost?

BIOME costs $225. The FIG component of BIOME has no additional cost.

Does the cost cover meals?

Yes! A portion of the $225 covers the cost of food until the dining halls open and most evening meals during the remainder of the week.

How do I pay for BIOME?

We accept checks or money orders made out to the University of Missouri. We cannot accept credit card payments.

Are textbooks and lab supplies included in the BIOME fee?

All textbooks and lab supplies, except protective eyewear, are provided. Students are required to provide their own protective eyewear, which can be purchased at the Mizzou Store.

What if I have credit (either by AP, IB, or dual enrollment) for biology or chemistry?

Even if you have credit for biology or chemistry, you will need to take one of these courses to participate in BIOME.

Are there scholarships to help cover the cost of BIOME?

Students who have financial need can be considered for scholarships. To qualify, students must have completed a FAFSA application. They also need to submit a 500-word essay that addresses their career aspirations and why or how a degree in Biological Sciences aids those aspirations.

Can my friends and family visit me during BIOME?

Not really. The BIOME week will be packed full with lectures and activities. We encourage students to use their free time to study and form friendships with their BIOME colleagues.

Will I need a parking permit for the week of BIOME?

If you have a car, you will need to purchase a parking permit from Parking and Transportation. The permit will be valid for the whole semester.

Will I receive course credit for BIOME?

You do not receive credit for lectures attended during BIOME since it is an optional orientation program. However, the material taught during the lectures will appear again in the introductory biology and chemistry courses.

How do I cancel my BIOME registration?

You can cancel your BIOME registration by emailing Carol Martin. Before doing so, please review the application for cancellation deadlines and refunds. You also should be aware that if you cancel, you also will have to change your housing assignment since BIOME is part of the FIG program.

Who can I talk to if I have more questions?

You can contact the Division of Biological Sciences Undergraduate Advising Office at 573-882-4068.