Student Feedback


“BIOME helped me meet new people who I’m still friends with now.”

“I felt I did better on my first round of tests after having taken some during BIOME, and I met some wonderful, helpful faculty at the networking dinner.”

“BIOME helped me get accustomed to campus and make a close group of friends on my floor who I can study with.”

“BIOME allowed me to not only meet my best friends but also helped me formulate adequate study groups due to co-enrollment. It made Mizzou seem like a small place; we all know each other by name. It’s a great feeling.”

“I was able to get adjusted to campus life a week before classes actually started, making the transition into college much easier.”

ScavengerHunt8“BIOME sets us apart from the rest. We are given the resources and skills to succeed as biology students. We meet peers with the same aspirations, which brings us together in order to bring about our goals and dreams.”

“BIOME didn’t just help prepare me for classes, it also helped me make friends and develop connections with other biology students.”

“I met my best friend in BIOME this year!”

“BIOME is a great way to get ahead right from the get go.”

“My favorite part of the BIOME program was the test reviews because they really helped me understand what college professors expect from me. Also, the office hours helped me get over the fear of talking to the teacher.”

“I really liked going to the lab and seeing some of the experiments they did. I also liked the networking dinner and the fact that I got to talk to my professors beforehand.”

“I liked bonding with my floor regarding material we were learning. The process of getting to know one another seemed to escalate more quickly once we all had a common ground.”

“My favorite part of the BIOME program was the ability to come to campus a week early and become familiar with my surroundings before the school year officially started. I needed that adjustment period!”

ChemLect3“BIOME got me prepared for college and also pulled me out of my comfort zone.”

“Learning study tips and then immediately implementing them greatly helped prepare me for studying in college.”

“My favorite part of the BIOME program was the fact that I got used to college before it started. I very much enjoyed the experience.”